Center Introduction

Technology Department, QC 

Our Company has an independent quality control department internal (inside is divided into technology and quality management, There QC class analysis lab technicians incoming inspector (IQC), process inspectors (IPQC) end finished products inspector (OQC) data management and statisticians.
Existing QC personnel has a total of 12 people, including quality management personnel who are
high school education above, more than 10 years of work time has three people, 6 people are worked  between 5-10 years , and worked Within five years there are 3 people.
Qc department cooperate with company for a new offer to the customer development test, according to customers actual production conditions (such as tension, weight, temperature) under the condition of experiment, the deployment of process material parameters according to the test result .At the same time, the abnormal product sampling analysis of the customer after delivery, help customers identify the reasons of the problem.

Held regular internal training, quality control department do not regularly participate in external technical training, improve staff levels of qc department for alum company product quality provides a strong guarantee 

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